Greater Mt. Baker Baptist Church

Musician Search - Church Musician Wanted

As we continue to be led by the Word of God we are in search of a gifted/anointed Church Musician who professes faith in God and demonstrates the same in holding membership in a local church.  This person believes him/herself to be called by God to serve His Ministry as a leader in the area of the Music Ministry. 
Please submit cover letter, references, and resume to:


The Church Musician is expected to be one who professes faith in God as He has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ as savior and Lord, and demonstrates the same in holding active membership in a local church.
It is further expected that the Musician will believe him/herself to be called by God to serve in His ministry as a leader in the area of the Music Ministry of the church.  It is hoped that the Musician will love the church and see it as a vehicle through which God continues to reveal Himself to the world, and minsters to and cares for persons so as to increase their love for Him and each other.  The Musician is further expected to be a person of integrity in all of his or her relationships.
It is desired, although not required, that the Musician have a B.A. Degree in Music with emphasis upon sacred music, choral directing and keyboard instruments.  Consideration will be given to those having experience serving as a lead musician or on the music staff of a local church.

The Musician should have at least two (2) years experience as a director or member of a local church staff where he/she had responsibilities directing the choir and administering the music, staff, etc.

The Musician should be (a) familiar with Baptist doctrine and polity; (b) possess planning, teaching and administrative skills; (c) be able to function as a part of a collegiate professional ministerial team headed by the Pastor of the church; and (d) be in reasonably good health.

The Musician is responsible for providing leadership in assisting the church in the planning, administration, supervision, evaluation and implementation of its Music Ministry.

Direct the planning, coordination, operation and evaluation of a comprehensive Music Ministry, and have charges of all choirs of the church. Coordinate the Church Music Ministry with the annual church calendar with emphases of the church and set rehearsal schedules and organize rehearsal procedures.  The Musician is expected to be timely for all engagements.
Work with the Music Committee, consisting of Choir Presidents or representation for each choir, Choir Directors, Lead Musician and a member at large from the congregation, in determining Music Ministry goals, organization, leadership, facilities, and administrative process. Assist the Pastor in planning congregational services of the church.
Be aware of  Greater Mt. Baker's members weddings and funerals to be held at the church. 
Arrange and provide music for special projects, ministries, and other church-related activities in cooperation with appropriate individuals and groups. 
In consultation with the Pastor, select appropriate music for all regular or special worship services with special emphasis on music for the seasons and occasions of the church year.
Keep informed on current music methods, including continuing education; materials, promotion and administration, utilizing them when appropriate. 
Be responsible for enlisting and training leaders for the church Music Ministry in cooperation with the Pastor. 
Coordinate the training and use of instrumentalists and vocalist in groups or as individuals. Supervise maintenance of equipment to enhance the Music Ministry.Assist the Pastor and Trustee Ministry in providing necessary materials, instruments and equipment for use in the Music Ministry.
Church Musician is to be present at all services and rehearsals at time(s) requested.
No payment will be received for services not rendered during rehearsals, regular worship services or outside engagements.
Partial payment will be received for chronic unexcused tardiness.  Chronic tardiness is considered two tardies per month for rehearsals, regular worship services or outside engagements which exceed 15 minutes at the beginning of the service. 
Church Musician is required to give advance notice for absences and/or tardiness to rehearsals, regular worship services and/or outside engagements to the choir president, to the Pastor or a Trustee.
The Musician is directly accountable to the Pastor in all matters relating to his/her position and work.  He/she shall work with the Music Committee in planning and implementing the church's ministry of music.
He/she shall, under the guidance of the Pastor,  relate with other staff members and church personnel in achieving agreed upon objectives of the church and with other groups of the church whenever possible in implementing the overall ministry of the church.
The Musician shall also be directly accountable to the Trustee Ministry in all matters pertaining to salary, vacation time, sick and personal leave time, and salary increases.